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Producer of sourec cabbage and cucombers

Producer of sourec cabbage and cucombers

Poland is a marvelous and a diverse country offering a wide range of traditional products.

We owe their exceptional taste and quality to the original recipes which have not been changed for centuries.

One of the most recognizable traditional Polish products are certainly pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut whose taste has been noticed and appreciated by both Polish and foreign consumers. What is more, these products have been on the tables in Poland and abroad for many years now.

Not only are pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut tasty side dishes or salad ingredients, but also a rich source of valuable vitamins. One of them is vitamin C whose deficiency can lead to the weakening of a human body and the increase of susceptibility to infectious diseases. Eating cucumber and cabbage based products is especially recommended during winter time when access to many kinds of fruit, rich in valuable vitamins is limited.

With more then 30 year experience in the production of sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers we have always met our customers tastes and needs. We have an enormous experience in the preparation of these products.

That is why they always have the same, delicious taste. Our farm operates in accordance with tradition but also modern solutions. We possess our own sour chambers and a packaging plant, therefore the whole process of packaging is highly automated.

Our farm operates in compliance with all norms related to production, packaging and maintenance. That is why we ensure a very high quality and freshness of all our products. As a professional farm we distribute our products on the nationwide scale.

The above allows easy access to healthy products we make.

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