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Manufacturer of soured pickles and cabbage

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Why is it worth to cooperate with us?

Taste. You miss the unique, well-known taste of sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers from your childhood. You can recall it with us! We use only highly selected, fresh and juicy vegetables, which we join with proper spices creating harmonious composition of taste and aroma.

Proper selection of ingredients and spices. Our longstanding experience in pickling cucumbers and making sauerkraut has become a key to finding out the best recipes we treat the Polish people with. Trust placed in our products allows us to improve them continuously striving for perfection.

Highly selected vegetables. The process of pickling involves using exclusively the highest quality cucumbers and cabbage form our own fields.  Each vegetable is thoroughly selected and checked at an angle of freshness. Thanks to the above, the products on Your tables are of the highest quality and are characterized by a unique taste.

Traditional recipe. We remain faithful to our tradition. We believe that what is proven and used for many years, perform well in practice. Tradition stands for naturalness, ecology as well as a unique taste. That is why we strongly stick to the above recipe and wish to share it with others.

State of the art procedures. Our daily work combines tradition and modernity - on one hand, we reach for Old Polish, known for ages recipes, but on the other hand, we make use of advanced production technologies. This way we can reach the effect of synergy by enriching tradition with the elements of modernity.

Ecology. We gather cucumbers and cabbage exclusively from our own fields, where we grow vegetables in ecological way. We respect the needs of the environment, and at the same time we know that the best quality cucumbers and cabbage come from natural cultivation, which makes us pay a lot of attention the issue of ecology.

Norms and Standards. We observe the highest norms and standards during the production process. Thanks to the above we are able to deliver full of health pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut, which meet a criterion for taste, ecology and hygiene.  The embodiment of the above is the implementation of Management System according to the BRC v.7 standard (BRC Global Standard For Food Safety Issue 7), which is the guarantee of food safety.

Quality Control. Before each vegetable reaches the production process, it is subject to multiple checks and controls to evaluate its quality. Even the tiniest doubts result in eliminating a given vegetable - only when it turns out that a given vegetables fault free and fresh enough, do we make a final product out of it.

30 years of experience. We have been present on the market uninterruptedly for the last 30 years. Within this time we have cooperated with hundreds of customers all over the country as well as we have delivered tones of sauerkraut and cucumbers. The trust you have placed in us, lets us believe we are really good at what we do - as a result our products end up on the tables of Polish people from all over the country.

Individual approach to our clients. We both sell by retail and wholesale. We are able to deliver sauerkraut and cucumbers in quantities meeting Your needs and expectations. We fulfill both small, individual orders as well as huge, multi-tonne deliveries.

Transport. We deliver products to any place in Poland quickly and efficiently - from the Baltic Sea to the Tatry Mountains. We have been cooperating with our clients nationwide, providing Polish tables with sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers. Sticking to proper procedures while transport let us maintain freshness of products.

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