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Manufacturer of soured pickles and cabbage

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Quality policy

Our company presents customer-oriented approach by taking all our customers' needs and expectation into consideration. We grow develop and perfect our products having our clients in mind.

Our aim is to deliver foodstuff of the highest quality and the best taste, meeting the highest criterions and expectations.  We organize production processes in order to guarantee freshness and quality so much expected by our clients.

In order to meet expectations placed in our products, we thoroughly control each stage of production, thanks to which we can effectively eliminate mistakes and strengthen our strengths. Our staff continuously increases their skills by participating in professional courses and trainings.

We have implemented Management System in accordance with the BRC v.7 standard (BRC Global Standard For Food Safety Issue 7), which guarantees safety of our products. Thanks to the above we are able to look after freshness and quality of our products more effectively and more responsibly.

Regular audits and a thorough quality control of each our product enable systematic self-improvement and perfecting effects of our work. Striving for meeting the expectations of our clients, we use the best and highly selected vegetables exclusively coming from our own, ecological cultivations.

The ecological and hygienic aspects are of major importance for the functioning of our company. We pay a great deal of attention to food safety having in mind full awareness of responsible approach to this issue. Each day we take numerous actions aimed at protecting the environment as well as ensuring cleanliness and freshness of our products.

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